‘Master’ – ‘Kutty Story’ lyrical video song hits 25 million views on Youtube

Master – ‘Kutty Story’ lyrical video song hits 25 million views on Youtube

Actor ‘Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay’s’ the first single of ‘Master’ was revealed on 14 February 2020, after releasing the song titled ‘Kutty Story’ a lyrical video, within 24 hours the melodious verse started exploding to 6.5 million views and now the track created a greatest buzz among audiences which made to hit the 25 million views within the end of the second week and is still trending and going viral.

‘Kutty Story’ the song is composed by ‘Anirudh Ravichander’ and Sung by ‘Thalapathy Vijay’ and ‘Anirudh’, the lyrics of the song were written by ‘Arunraja Kamaraj’ where 90% of the lyrics are being in English. The song thesaurus in impressive visualization where the 3d modeled ‘Thalapathy Vijay’ moving his body to the beats alongside his students. The screen credit for the inventive concept of ‘Kutty Story’ video is completely navigated to 25year old guy named ‘ML Vignesh aka Logi’.

The majority of Anirudh fans who were listened to Kutti Story made them recall his first debut song ‘Why This Kolaveri’, the drastic cause for making this track to reminisce to ‘Anirudh’s’ ‘Kolaveri’ song is the lyrical part, where both of the songs lyrics are virtually in English. Eventually, both the songs were composed by ‘Anirudh’ where his ‘Kolaveri’ song was encountered to huge popularity in 2011, with 215 million views on Youtube, After 9 years and now presently in 2020, audiences are expecting the same popularity even for ‘Kutty Story’, fortunately, the song is striking the border. After apprising the popularise vibe for the song, Anirudh tweeted as “Spreading Positivity All Over”


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