Amala Paul’s ‘Aadai’ movie trailer is trending on Youtube

Amala Paul's 'Aadai' movie trailer is trending on Youtube

A two weeks ago the Amala Paul’s upcoming ‘Aadai’ movie official teaser was revealed and within the release of a few hours the teaser just started creating a buzz, where Amala Paul has seen in a new avatar playing a nude role for the first time, after watching the teaser many celebrities started praising Amala for taking a bold decisions to play in the movie.

Even after being two weeks the teaser is still making a sound and fans are watching and sharing the clip repeatedly, after watching the teaser audiences started for looking next official updates about the movie and on 6 July 2019 the official teaser of the movie was released, and within a day the trailer just started creating a buzz among viewers and now the 63 seconds video is trending on first on Youtube.

The trailer features Amala in 3 different looks, the dialogues or lines spoken in a trailer is abundantly alludes to the earlier teaser where the visuals of Amala made viewers in a shocking state. After watching the trailer it seems the main story of the movie is still hidden and the expectations of the movie are growing higher among audiences.

Here is the trailer below –


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